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charity [ CHAR-ih-tee ]- noun 

an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need


crush [ kruhsh ]- noun, verb in winemaking

breaking and the act of breaking grapeskins to allow the juice to flow

We're so grateful to be members of such a philanthropic community!


As much as we would love to give to every organization that approaches us for a donation, it's impossible as a small company to contribute to every cause.


CHARITY CRUSH allows us to not only donate higher value items

that will raise more money for charities,

but it also raises additional awareness for all qualifying participants. 

Thank you for your interest & best of luck with your CHARITY CRUSH campaign!

~Don & Renee Ventrice,

Owners of Cork & Keg Tours

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Complete the Bid Request

The first 20 eligible 501 (c)3 organizations will be entered as participants to win a $600 gift certificate. 


No personal, gofundme or similar requests will be considered.

Only one entry per charity is needed.

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Share the Charity Crush Contest Link

Over the assigned 30 day period, the qualifying charities will share our CHARITY CRUSH link with their audience in order to collect engagement points.


Simple activities such as liking and commenting on social media generate points!

All details and the contest link will sent to the qualifying charities. 

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Reap the Benefits

The winning charity must reach a minimum of 100 points & will receive

- a $600 gift certificate

- a spotlight in our newsletter

- social media shout outs

- a slide in our tour slideshow  

All charities that reach the minimum of 50 points will be promoted on Cork & Keg Tours social media.

Not only can your organization win a valuable prize & receive local marketing to spread awareness of your mission, but you will also support a small business along the way! 

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