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THIS IS IT! Help your chosen charity to win

a $600 gift certificate by earning points 

for engagement with us.

All engagements will be verified before points are awarded to the charity. The charity with the

most points will win the gift certificate!


(go to CHARITY CRUSH spotlight post for your charity &

comment "CRUSHING IT" for 5 points!)

Questions? Please contact us at

Help your Charity to CRUSH IT.
complete this form to generate engagement points. All are optional- the more you engage, the more points your charity earns toward winning the $600 gift certificate!

Additional engagement point activities: 


Tag and share Cork and Keg Tours posts:

  • 5 pts- in a FB group or on you profile/business page 

  • 4 pts-in a FB or IG story


2 pts- TAG a friend in your charity's spotlight post-

(double points when they join the campaign by completing this form!)

1 pt- for each comment on any Cork and Keg Tours FB or IG post (must be actual comment, not just emojis or one word comment) 

Best of luck helping your charity to CRUSH IT!

Please share this campaign link with others.

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