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Pass the Cork

We could not do what we are doing without the support of so many people around us, so as a token of our thanks, we have one more special offer for everyone in this community. In the month of June only, we are offering a "Pass the Cork" gift voucher to celebrate the Passing of the Cork from the founders to the new owners. For only $850, you can secure a $1,000 value on any future tour! Purchase your voucher now, and redeem with any tour on any date of your choosing. This offer is only available this month, so act fast to save $150 on your next tour!

We couldn't possibly say it better than those who passed the cork to us, so we will let them do the talking for us!

"We couldn't be happier that this flourishing brand is being passed to this wonderful couple, and are actively involved in their transition for maximum success." - Renee Ventrice

"So grateful that this amazing human Julissa Kendall and her husband Nich are the people who have taken over DiVine’s clients and staff through the Cork and Keg Tours name. I adore the Kendall’s, and it is so nice to feel like we handed things off to the right people." - Amy Denton

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