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Karaoke Stars-
Pick your Playlist!

Here is our current list of songs available for your upcoming tour.


If there are any songs that you want that are not on this list, please list them and we will add them if they are available. Please return your list no less than 48 hours before your tour! 

Please choose up to ten songs for your playlist- if you provide more than 10 we will randomly select 10 from your list. 


Is there a microphone?

With COVID as a reality, we do not provide a microphone, but feel free to bring one along!


Can we add more songs during the tour?

Unfortunately not- we load the songs into the van's app the day prior to your tour, and spotty internet connections while we're driving make loading on the fly unreliable. So Please send your selections 48 hours or more before your tour to ensure that we can make it happen for you!


Why ten songs?

Because that equates to about how much time you have for karaoke between the final two venues, or on the way to your drop-off location, we map out the timing to get as many of your songs in as possible*. We have found that it’s more than enough songs.


You don’t record us, do you?

Nope, although if you record yourselves and send it to us, we will GLADLY spotlight your performance on our social media!  


*All ten songs are not guaranteed but we'll do our best!

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