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Photo Credit: Shannon Louise Photography

About Us

In 2016, US Navy Veterans Renee & Don started Cork & Keg Tours – a Minority, Women, and Veteran Owned Business (WMBE & VOB).

Renee was raised in Bellevue, NE and is a WSET2 Certified wine educator, working toward becoming a Certified Specialist of Wine. She is the Cork, and the gas that propels the business to the front of the tourism industry as an internationally recognized and award winning brand.

Don is a Brooklyn, NY native and Cybersecurity executive. He is the Keg, and the brakes that control the back end operations to ensure compliance and stable growth for the company.

Their son, Gino, was raised in Loudoun County and works in the family business as a Tour Concierge and craft beverage "market research" expert. He brings inspiration, balance and his refined palate to the biz.

Beemer, their Jack Russell Terrier, is the family mascot and the "Real Boss" of everyone.

Learn more about their journey as an entrepreneurial family:

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